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1971 Suzuki T500R

TradeMe abomination. Previous owner “restored” bike with a mix of 71, 72 and 73 T500 parts and used a hefty amount of poetic licence to describe the state of the engine! Parts were sourced from 8 different countries to return her to correct specs…

1974 Honda CB350F

Current project shows as received January 2008 and the slow rebuild. Paintwork is now underway and mudguard damage is being looked in to. Will be taking painted parts from another 350 and putting on this one, carbs etc now being fitted. More pics to follow…

1969 Honda S90

Another Trade Me bargain that I bought locally just over a year ago and dismantled down to the bare frame before powder coating it, along with most of the paint work except for the tank. I really like the classic Honda styling of that era with the chrome panels and rubber knee pads on a beautifully sculptured tank.

1967 Honda C100

Bought locally through word of mouth this bike was in a sorry state when I brought it home. This is the last of the pushrod engine model that went from 1958 to 1967. The frame was powder coated along with the petrol tank and many parts refurbished or replaced. It came with the original owners manual and I was able to reuse the old black number plate.

1973 Kawasaki Z1 900

This restoration is really just a once over lightly to get rid of the stuff I couldn’t live with. I’ve kept as much of the original paint as I could. Everyone has their own idea of what a restoration should be. This is my first real effort with a bike. I’m happy with the result…

1972 Honda SS50

Parts came from eBay and David Silver in England and overall has cost far more than intended as usual. Had some help from a couple of the guys in the group. The frame was powder coated by Elite Powdercoaters in Orbell St who have been excellent to deal with…

1971 Honda CL175 K3

The CL series of street scrambler were very popular in the U.S. during the 70’s but only seen in small numbers in NZ. This one came from Nelson via Trade Me in a sorry state before being restored to its former glory over the last year. They have a distinctive exhaust note due to the 180 degree crank and are great fun to ride around town…